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BOOK CORNER: Food blogger Hendrix authors new cookbook

Cookbooks can be overwhelming and daunting for both old and new cooks.

“Pop up eRecipes: Volume 1” by food journalist and blogger Veronica Hendrix is a pocket-sized cookbook that will no doubt appeal to all cooks.

The cookbook is composed of three recipes that Hendrix created out of some of the top-requested recipes by her followers. Recipes featured include SoCali Chicken Croquettes, Tarragon Panko Coating Mix and Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Praline Topping.

The Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with Praline Topping is her favorite and the most challenging recipe.

She recommends that new cooks try the Tarragon Panko recipe first. This unique, “shake-and-bake” style recipe will take your favorite meats up a notch by the herbs used in combination with the spices.

The SoCali Chicken Croquettes were featured on Food Network’s “Clash of the Grandma’s” where Hendrix was a finalist.

Veronica Hendrix

Hendrix includes step-by-step photos in her book that will help learners visualize culinary success. Inside the book, Hendrix also includes a section titled “Pantry Basics 101,” which will help readers get an idea of what their pantry, freezer and cabinets should like in order to handle planned and unplanned meal preparations.

Hendrix, a home cooking advocate, hopes readers will be inspired to incorporate cooking into their daily lives.

“This simple act of cooking and sharing food with the people who bring value to your life is the best way to strengthen and build relationships,” Hendrix said.

“Pop up eRecipes” is the first in a trilogy of cookbooks that Hendrix will offer her followers.

To keep up with the author please visit her via blog on or social media @collardgreenscaviar on Instagram and @collardscaviar on Twitter.

“Pop-Up E Recipes: Volume 1” is available for $8.99 (soft cover) and $5.99 (E-Book) on