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BOOK CORNER: Former Olympic athlete writes book about health and wellness

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“Irresistibly Fit,” by longtime Inglewood resident and Olympian Althea Moses, is a fitness book that will inspire and motivate readers to live their best life.

In it, Moses shares her compelling life journey and offers spiritual and physical exercises that can lead readers on a path to overcoming their pain and suffering while strengthening their mind, spirit and body.

The book was inspired by the author’s childhood and adult experi0ences coupled with hearing many women’s desire to learn how to achieve a strong spirit and firm body after age 30.

“Irresistibly Fit” is perfect for readers who want to start feeling and looking better. There are 30 exercises included in the book in addition to more than 70 images of Moses performing the exercises. Moses also shares nutritional choices to lose weight and keep it off and a two-day workout program.

“It was important to create the ‘Irresistibly Fit’ book in order for millions of women (or men) to possess a comprehensive self-help guide to strengthen and improve their mind, spirit and body to feel and look better,” Moses said.

“Irresistibly Fit” is intended for women ages 30 and beyond. The author hopes readers use her book to not only overcome emotional pain and suffering but to also feel better about themselves.

“Use my book as a guide to strengthen their spirit and body-wed the spiritual with the physical to get positive results,” Moses said.


In addition to being an author and Olympian, Moses is a speaker, fitness consultant and operates her own business, Althea Moses Health and Fitness Company. She offers fitness classes at Darby Park in Inglewood and on the first Saturday of every month she leads a free workout at Edward Vincent Jr. Park.

The author will host a book signing at the Ladera Senior Center in September. To learn about Moses, her services, and upcoming events visit her website,

“Irresistibly Fit” is available for $25.00 on and The Kindle edition is available for $9.99 on the Kindle Store. The book may also be purchased for $20.00 at Zahra’s Books N Things.