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BOOK CORNER: Friendship, brotherhood are tested in ‘Civil Disturbance’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Two childhood friends, Calvin and Arthur, grow up to be cops. When Calvin excels, Arthur becomes jealous and gets involved with the wrong crowd.

When faced with paying off a debt, Arthur kills his best friend’s wife and children and knocks Calvin into a coma. When Calvin wakes up, he is heartbroken and faced with a huge dilemma.

Will he move on with his life or seek revenge against someone he once looked at as his brother?

Find out in “Civil Disturbance,” the new suspense fiction novel by Shane Murray.

The concept for his book was inspired by a daydream Murray had on his way to school at Cal State Los Angeles.

“I was thinking about what I would do if I got married, started a family, and someone ended up murdering them,” Murray said. “After that dream, I came up with this story and started writing instantly.”

“Civil Disturbance” tackles common issues such as betrayal, family, love, vengeance, community, education, justice and police brutality. The author’s favorite chapter in the book is where Calvin first meets his wife. Its entitled “So Into You.”

Shane Murray

“The fun fact about my book is that all of the chapters are named after hip hop songs, so I hope the readers can get a kick out that,” Murray said.

Murray’s intended audience are young adults aged 18-30.

“I hope readers gain another perspective in terms of making a difference in their communities, in particular overcoming police violence and violence in their community,” Murray said. “I also hope readers can see themselves or see someone they know within the characters featured in this story and enjoy the ride.”

In addition to being an author, Murray works as a contract background investigator. “Civil Disturbance” was his first novel, but he also has published a poetry book. He is currently working on a comic book and a comedy script. He lives in Inglewood.

“Civil Disturbance” is available for $10 at Zhara’s Books n Things, Simply Wholesome, and online at Copies may also be purchased directly through Murray by messaging him via social media at @caliraised31 on Instagram, @Shane Christopher Murray on Facebook, and @chatwithshane on Snap Chat.