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BOOK CORNER: ‘Hungry for More’ examines societal pressures for women

The media is constantly sending women, especially women of color, messages about how they should look and act in society.

In “Hungry for More: A Keeping-It-Real Guide for Black Women on Weight and Body Image,” author Robyn McGee explores issues surrounding women of color in popular culture and media.

Her debut book is dedicated to her sister who died from a gastric bypass operation after years of battling her weight.

The author emphasizes black women in her book because as a black woman herself, she recognizes how there are special challenges attached to being a woman of color in this society.

“Everywhere you look, there are images of black women, what we are supposed to look like, and how we should act,” McGee said. “I wanted to say in ‘Hungry for More’ that we all have special gifts and talents and we should learn to nurture those … so we could feel good and proud about ourselves and achieve something grand in this life.”

Robyn McGee

“Hungry for More” is a book that teenaged girls, young adults and older women of all backgrounds can relate to. The book is filled with helpful tips and tools to help women build their self-esteem. The author also addresses “breaking the mold and charting a new and successful path in life and love.”

“I hope readers gain awareness and learn to love themselves more despite what those around them, the media, popular culture and society in general says a black woman should be and do,” McGee added.

In addition to being an author, McGee is a freelance journalist and a professor at Compton College where she teaches women’s studies and humanities. She has just finished her second book, “#FierceFeminism.” She lives in Long Beach.

“Hungry for More” is available for $9.99 on Amazon.