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BOOK CORNER: ‘I See You’ book spreads message of love, positivity

“I See You: Igniting Hope and Preventing Suicide,” by Cheron K. Griffin, is an empowering book intended for a universal audience.

The short-read book serves as a resource and tool to aid in starting a dialogue about suicide. It is written in emojis and also includes sight words to help young readers learn to read.

“It’s very unique,” Griffin said. “It reads really smooth. However at the end, I write out the entire story line.”

Inspiration for the book came from Griffin’s experience as a substitute teacher.

“I asked a group of high school students what were the concerns of the youth at that time,” Griffin said. “They answered suicide. After that, there was not a dry eye in the room.”

The students’ responses touched Griffin in a way that compelled her to start the “I See You Campaign.”

“I was drained mentally, but I also knew that someone needed to do something, anything,” Griffin said.

The running theme of the book is, “You are loved and I see you,” and it is written on every page of the book. It was important for Griffin to include that detail.

“Many people believe that no one sees them, but the truth is, we see them more than they know — spirit to spirit,” Griffin said. “I just wanted people to know, regardless of who you are, what you’re going through or what you’ve done, you’re loved and we see you.”

What the author enjoys most about her book is that it offers solutions to those suffering. 

“The book in itself is a tool to open the dialogue on mental health and suicide ideations; however, it does suggest that sometimes, talk therapy is needed, medication is needed, and/or spiritual guidance is needed,” Griffin said.

It’s Griffin’s hope that “I See You” encourages all readers to engage in open and serious dialogue about suicide and mental health issues. 

In addition to being an author, Griffin is a life coach and empowerment speaker. She lives in Houston.

An “I See You” tour is set to launch in January 2020. To learn more about the author and her work visit and

“I See You: Igniting Hope and Preventing Suicide” is available for $9.99 on and Amazon.