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BOOK CORNER: In ‘Spiritual Seduction,’ author reveals secrets from her past

Seventeen-year-old Stacy had no clue that a meeting her pastor asked her to attend would lead her to a lifestyle that would prove hard to get out of. For more than 15 years, she lived as a pastor’s mistress and a madam to his friends.

In “Spiritual Seduction,” author Gloria M. Milow takes readers on Stacy’s journey through being a pastor’s mistress and eventually breaking away from that lifestyle and being restored.

“Spiritual Seduction” is based on Milow’s own experiences and her mentor, Rosie Milligan, inspired her to share her powerful story.

“She told me stories like this need to be told,” Milow said. “Secrets can destroy you if they are negative.”

The book addresses serious topics such as fornication and the loss of children.

“I don’t mind talking about it so that other people won’t get caught up into this,” Milow said. “It’s still going on.”

Initially written for adults, Milow believes that the book could also encourage young girls and boys of today to speak out.

“So much is happening to our children now and I want them to be able to talk to someone that they trust and to just feel free to talk about it because so many of our mothers, grandmothers and older people have gone to their graves holding secrets,” Milow said. “I’m not the only one this has happened to.”

It is the author’s hope that readers learn the importance of forgiving themselves and others.

“This can help someone who has experienced similar situations talk about it and let it go,” Milow said. “When you think about it and don’t release it, you can become depressed.”

Milow’s favorite part of the book is when she escaped that lifestyle and joined a healthy church environment.

“Seven out of seven days we were there and I got stronger in the Lord and the Lord laid upon my heart that I didn’t have anyone to fear but Him,” said Milow. “I broke that bondage then.”

Milow is currently working on “The Different Stages of Depression,” a new book and movie based on her battle with depression following the murder of her son. For more information visit Milow is based in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

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