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BOOK CORNER: ‘Last Call America’ features people fighting government

In the not so distant future, Americans are starving and being herded into cities controlled by a heartless government.

Rebecca Sanders hoped Capt. Jason Poole would spare her life and never return to her diner again. She did not know that the cup of coffee she served him would set off a revolution meant to free the American people from a dark totalitarian dictatorship.

Find out if it will succeed in “Last Call America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls” by Los Angeles native Debra Tash.

The book was inspired by the current political climate and sheds light on some of the harsh realities of America.

“It was important to create this book to hopefully help people realize what a unique country we live in, an anomaly in history, and that this American experiment should be cherished,” Tash said.

The author’s favorite part is the character arc of the two main characters.

“They’re both ordinary people who grow, as opposed to being destroyed, by the obstacles they had to face,” Tash said.

The characters face the obstacles of finding the courage to fight against a big faceless government and finding people who will fight with them to win back what they lost.

Through their journeys, readers will see that they too can obtain greatness.

“Everybody is called at some time in their life to do something that steps out of their comfort zone and something that’s extraordinary,” the author said.

Tash’s favorite character is Capt. Poole.

“He starts out very self-centered but he has a wonderful character arc,” Tash said. “It just shows that the best of somebody can be drawn out by the circumstances that they find themselves in.”

It is the author’s hope that her readers “become engaged and realize we are all flawed but in us is a hero that can rise to any challenge.”

In addition to being an author, Tash owns and operates a wedding venue with her husband. She also volunteers at a news site as a writer and editor. She lives in Ventura County. To learn more about the author visit

“Last Call America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls” is available for $14.95 (paperback) and $3.99 (Kindle) on Amazon.