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BOOK CORNER: Legal thriller turns light on bullying, childhood depression

When the classroom is no longer a safe space for her child, a grieving mother is determined to seek justice for her bullied daughter.  

The elementary school principal, more concerned about protecting her career than getting to the truth, flat out denies any knowledge of the bullying and prefers to sweep everything under the rug. 

Attorneys Angela Evans and Jenny Ungerman fight hard to expose the truth. But will a massive cover-up hinder their quest for justice?

Find out in the new legal thriller, “Failure to Protect” by Compton native and retired lawyer Pamela Samuels-Young.

Samuels-Young was inspired to write the book after learning about the suicide of two bullied 9-year-old Alabama girls.

“The very idea that children that young could take their own lives was incomprehensible,” Samuels-Young said. “I couldn’t stop thinking about Madison and McKenzie and cried myself to sleep that night. The next morning, I was determined to write a novel dealing with this heart-breaking topic as a way of educating myself and my readers.”

It was important for Samuels-Young to write this book that tackles issues such as bullying and its impact, childhood depression, and suicide.

“When I learned that the suicide rate for black kids under 12 was twice that of white children and that bullying and childhood depression played a role in this epidemic, I wanted to shine a light on these issues,” Samuels-Young said.

“Failure to Protect” is intended for an adult audience and it is Samuels-Young’s hope that it will not only inform readers but also move them to action.

“It’s my hope that readers will be better informed about bullying, child suicide and childhood depression,” said the author. “It’s crucial that we change our negative perceptions about how we deal with mental health issues.”

A young adult version of the book is expected to be released this winter. It’s aimed at a middle school population and focuses more on bullying.

Samuels-Young is a former journalist and lawyer who now writes full time. She lives in Los Angeles. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Failure to Protect” is available for $18.99 (print) and $6.99 (ebook) via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. An audiobook version will be available on Audible in December.