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BOOK CORNER: Love and betrayal are focus of ‘The Final Kiss’ thriller

Wednesday loved Ralph completely and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Ralph knew he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it because Wednesday’s love for him ran deep. But everything is about to change because … Wednesday has a plan of her own.

So goes, “The Final Kiss,” by serial storyteller Erika Latanya.

“The Final Kiss” was inspired by Latanya’s love for the mystery and thriller genres.

“I’ll read mystery novels and watch a lot of horror and thriller movies and TV shows,” the author said.

The characters inside the book face real life issues like infidelity, betrayal, murder and more.

“The story is about love and betrayal,” Latanya said. “It’s also about the lengths a woman would go through to save her relationship, to save what she feels is meant to be.”

The author’s favorite character is Wednesday, who she describes as “kind of crazy and weird.”

“She didn’t allow anyone or anything to stand in her way,” Latanya said. “Despite her actions as being tough and getting payback for all the hurt she dealt with, … she too had a breaking point and walked away from a situation she couldn’t control.”

Latanya, who has authored numerous books, started writing as a child and it became therapeutic for her.

“I kind of just used that to help me through different situations,” the author said.

“The Last Kiss” is intended for readers of all backgrounds who enjoy mysteries with a hint of romance. Readers will no doubt be invested in the page-turning story.

“I hope readers will find it as an entertaining thriller on like a Saturday night,” Latanya said. “But with the disclaimer ‘please don’t try this at home.’”

In addition to being an author, Latanya works as a pharmacy technician and enjoys traveling. She also operates her own publishing company, Dear Diary, where she publishes her own books.

She is based in the Washington, D.C. metro area. To learn more about the author visit or keep up with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @erikalatanya.

“The Last Kiss” is available for 99 cents on Amazon in e-Book format.