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BOOK CORNER: Man shares triumphant journey in ‘From the Pit to the Palace’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

In “From the Pit to the Palace,” author Cordario “Bodi” Worrell takes readers on his journey through facing obstacles and how he was able to overcome them and rise from the “pit.”

“Truth is such a profound discovery in my life,” Worrell said. “Once I tasted it, many things I longed for were revealed to me. The good things of life. Those things I consider to be pure and full of virtue.

“Without truth, presently this day I would still be in the pit. Through it, I was made free and my eyes were opened.”

Some of the experiences highlighted in his book include overcoming homelessness, overcoming betrayal from family, completing higher education and more.

It was important for Worrell to write this book and share his story with others.

“I believe everyone born with a gift from God is held responsible to use it to help others and also display your gratitude for receiving it,” Worrell said. “There are many people hurting in this world and have no idea how to stop it. My goal was to utilize my experiences in life as an example to help others pull through.”

Cordario “Bodi” Worrell

One of his favorite chapters is “The True Meaning of Giving and Receiving” because of its impact on him in terms of helping him rise to the next level.

“Most people say it’s better to give than receive,” Worrell said. “In the chapter, I really go in depth on how we all have to learn how to be a receiver first in order to give to others.”

“From the Pit to the Palace” has the power to reach readers from various backgrounds.

“This book was not written for or created for a particular audience, but to establish the presence of truth in this world,” Worrell said. “Hopefully, through understanding, the keys to success will be revealed.”

In addition to being an author, Worrell is an entrepreneur, model and actor. He lives in Atlanta.

“From the Pit to the Palace” is available for $7 online via, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Goodreads, and other online book selling sites.