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BOOK CORNER: Monsters and more in ‘Dream Shores’

Ten-year-old Sierra Nevada Smith enjoyed monster chasing, whether through the pages of her favorite books or in the woods behind the California town where she grew up. Fantastic new worlds opened for her, and after a near-tragedy, she discovered the films of legendary stop-motion animator Russell Boylan.

Years later, she found herself working aboard a yacht and after the boat was mysteriously pulled through a corridor of fog, the crew found themselves on the shores of an extraordinary island, where the dinosaurs and creatures of Russell Boylan’s classic films were living beyond script or screen.

In “Dream Shores,” author Mike Robinson takes a ride with Sierra as she discovers her power and her purpose.

The book was inspired by Robinson’s lifelong love of monster films.

“Like many, I am especially endeared to the films of Ray Harryhausen, the esteemed stop-motion animator who is almost unquestionably king of his craft,” said the author. “It was actually a quote of his that inspired the germ of ‘Dream Shores.’”

It was important for Robinson to create this new contemporary fantasy.

“I wanted to see what happened when I not only threw so many monsters ‘onscreen’ at once, but wrapped them around a story that is actually quite intimate and character-centric, complete with themes of metaphysics and consciousness,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s favorite character is Sierra.

“She’s an old soul with a lot of young energy and not afraid to sort of embrace her nerdy or more childish side while at the same time she is certainly aware of some of life’s bigger and darker issues,” Robinson said.

“Dream Shores” is intended for adult readers of all ages who are “open-minded, curious, passionate and enjoy escapism while at the same time confronting some of life’s big questions about existence, our connection as humans, our minds and our potential,” Robinson said.

“Dream Shores” will no doubt stimulate the minds of readers.

“If I can deliver a mixture of monstrous adventure yarn and intellectual food for thought, and not have it taste too strange, I consider ‘Dream Shores’ a job well done,” Robinson said.

In addition to being an author, Robinson is an editor, screenwriter and producer. He lives in Los Angeles. To learn more, visit

“Dreamshores” is available for $15 on Amazon.