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BOOK CORNER: ‘Move Forward’ pushes readers to achieve goals

“Move Forward: Principles & Practices to Possess Your Prize,” by Dwayne E. Shigg, offers readers insight into how to reach success.

The book was inspired by Shigg’s desire to share with others a boost of encouragement that they can go after their dreams, goals, and achieve success. Shigg knows firsthand what it is like to want to be successful but feel as if you can’t.

“In the early part of my life, I grew up with low self-esteem,” Shigg said. “I really didn’t start liking myself until my teenage or adult years. Since I know what that burden and desire is like, I want to make sure that I help and push others who are feeling like they, too, aren’t good enough.” 

Each chapter of “Move Forward” begins with an original quote by the author followed by various practical tips regarding success.

Shigg shares tips to aid success journeys like using your mind and creativity to “shoot back” when faced with adversity, letting go of negative “what-if” thinking and readjusting one’s mind-frame to imagine positive “what-if” outcomes, how to deal with people and situations that may prevent one’s progression and much more. 

The tools may prove to be an asset for such readers and they can adjust the principles shared to fit their own aspirations.

“I don’t necessarily focus on a specific form of success, like a book or a business, because the reader’s success may be varied,” Shigg said. “I give more principles to point you in the direction that you could use for your success as opposed to saying what success is because it is going to be different for different people.”

“Move Forward” is intended for dreamers, doers, believers and achievers of all backgrounds.

“My goal is that the book will be provocation to do and motivation that you can do,” Shigg said. “Through practical examples and knowledge of the fact that others have been successful readers, will learn that they can, too.”

In addition to being an author, Shigg is a minister, encouragement speaker and teaches workshops for new authors. Readers may connect with Shigg on Facebook: Your Encourage-MINT and Instagram: Ncourageman. He lives with his family in Compton.

“Move Forward: Principles & Practices to Possess Your Prize” is available for $20 online via Amazon.