BOOK CORNER: New author debuts with romance novel

BOOK CORNER: New author debuts with romance novel

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Sandra Patterson is living the life that everyone dreams about. She has a respected career, a handsome, successful husband and a nice home. There is just one thing missing … a child.

As time goes on and different events take place, Sandra finally gets what she wanted, a child, but it comes at the cost of many others. So goes, “Crossed Lines: What Lies Buried Within the Heart” by new author Jessica Cross.

Cross was inspired to write this novel following a stroke that left the right side of her body paralyzed.

“My therapist recommended typing to improve the mobility in my right arm and hand,” explains the author. “She told me to write about anything, but I was not going to write anything. I was going to write something and then the idea of writing a book came to my mind.”

She hopes that readers of her book realize the true meaning of friendship.

“I value friendship and I think that when you go through things, you want a friend there with you,” said the author.

The author’s favorite character in the book is Camille Long, a friend of Sandra, because she enjoys her sassy personality and she can sort of relate to her.

It has been about two years since Cross suffered her stroke. It is important to the author that her readers know the reason behind why she began writing.

While reading the book, she hopes readers have an “aha moment” and gain the strength to do whatever it is that they put their minds to.

Cross lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and children. She is currently working on a sequel to “Crossed Lines.”

“Crossed Lines: What Lies Buried Within the Heart” is available for $15 on and


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