BOOK CORNER: New book chronicles love and obsession

January 5, 2018

“Vulnerable” is a tale of love and obsession set against a picturesque Seattle backdrop where the lives of four successful people in their 30s collide in a life-altering moment that transforms loneliness into total destruction.

This spicy new drama by Bonita Thompson illustrates the complexity of desire and emotion, the weakness in human nature and the fragility and spontaneity of fate.

“Vulnerable” is the expansion of a self-published book Thompson released in the early 2000s under a different title. The storyline of her book was inspired by events that were happening culturally at the time.

The characters in the book experience obstacles such as overnight stardom, job insecurity and career redirection, which starts them on a journey of redefining themselves.

“Vulnerable,” which sparks discussion about friendship, love, and life in general, will no doubt be a great read for book clubs.

Bonita Thompson

Thompson is known for producing thought-provoking books that aren’t predictable in terms of black characters, especially. The author would like for readers to gain an appetite for more novels about black people that are not stereotypical.

“I want readers to gain a different perspective on subjects I choose to write about,” Thompson said.

Her goal as an author is to not only entertain her readers, but to also make them think. She writes character-driven stories where “each character goes through something in which they will typically be better for having experienced whatever they experience in the story.”

Her favorite character in “Vulnerable” is Rawn, who is extraordinarily smart and deeply reflective.

In addition to being an author, Thompson is a freelance editor, virtual assistant, volunteer at Write Girl and blogger. Her blog is She currently lives in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles.

“Vulnerable” is available for $16 (paperback) on all online bookstores.

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