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BOOK CORNER: New book shares story of author’s multidimensional family

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“A Solid Rock, A Rolling Stone & 14 Pebbles,” by Clarence Devereaux, is the true story of a mother whose love is described as “rock hard,” a father who is fearless and possesses “stone strength,” and the 14 children they raised in an oppressive, racist environment.

It was important for Devereaux to share the legacy of his family in this way.

“I saw the need for people to be exposed to the legacy of my multidimensional and multifarious family,” said Devereaux. “It was important for me to create this to record the legacy of a family that survived and prospered against all odds.”

The book begins in 1886 and continues through 2019 when the author completed writing it. It also has photographs and detailed biographical information about the Devereaux family.

“A Solid Rock, A Rolling Stone & 14 Pebbles” is comprised of 16 chapters that tell the story and journey of each member in his family. The book begins with the story of his mother, his father, followed by their 14 children.

Some of the topics highlighted in the book include love, faith, family values, race relations and overcoming adversity.

Readers will also find many life lessons the Devereaux family learned throughout their lives from each other, their environments and the larger world around them.

Devereaux’s favorite part of the book is the biographical section about his mother who raised him and his siblings in Texas during a period when there was a lot of racism.

“I will never forget she told me that I had to love everybody,” Devereaux said. “She said, ‘Son, you have to love everybody,’ so I saw that as a turning point in my life and I didn’t grow up hating people.”

The book will appeal to families of all backgrounds.

“I hope that all who read this book will see the need to have both parents present to rear their children,” Devereaux said. “It also imparts biblical wisdom of how to survive in a dysfunctional, anti-family society.”

In addition to being an author, Devereaux is a retired probation officer and retired pastor of Solid Rock Baptist Church. He lives in Gardena.

“A Solid Rock, A Rolling Stone & 14 Pebbles” is available on Amazon for $25 (color copy) or $15 (black and white copy).