BOOK CORNER: ‘The New Middle’ shows joys and woes of mid-life

September 1, 2017

Dianne and Torrick are the parents of two teenaged daughters and seem to be living the ideal married life until it begins to fall apart.

Dianne has become overwhelmed by the effects of menopause and Torrick has become distracted by his demanding career. Will the couple be able to repair their marriage?

Jacqueline, single and childless, is the successful consultant of a high-profile company. She’s beginning to feel the isolating effects of entering midlife without a family and makes a decision that transforms her life.

Phoebe, the free spirited world traveler, had to readjust her life following a financial downturn. She meets Joseph, a lonely widower and a father of two. As a friendship develops, she begins to feel regret for past decisions. Can Joseph help or will Phoebe be left alone to handle her past?

So goes “The New Middle” by Bonita Thompson, which tells the story of five middle-aged characters who “face the randomness of fate while learning to let go of the past in this compelling, contemporary tale that illuminates the joys and woes of midlife.”

Thompson was inspired to write the book following real-life experiences she had as she approached mid-life.

Her goal as an author is to not only entertain her readers, but to also make them think. She writes character-driven stories where “each character goes through something in which they will typically be better for having experienced whatever they experience in the story.”

“The New Middle” is not limited to those who are middle-aged and she hopes all of her readers gain a new perspective on what mid-life represents.

In addition to being an author, Thompson is a freelance editor, virtual assistant and volunteers for WriteGirl. She lives in Los Angeles.

“The New Middle” is available for $16 (paperback) on all online bookstores. 


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