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BOOK CORNER: New novel ‘Caustic’ amplifies the voice of the most vulnerable

The sight of a father, mother and daughter at a farmer’s market sends Margaret back to a vulnerable time when she was young and defenseless. She knows the truth about this seemingly happy family, particularly the father.

As Margaret starts to relive the traumatic memories of her childhood and moves from one difficult circumstance to the next, the effects of the scars that abuse leaves behind are revealed.

That’s the basis for “Caustic” by California native Tamesha Edwards.

The concept for the novel was inspired by a dream Edwards had in 2002.

“Instantly I was compelled to write a script of this dream, that vividly detailed these multifaceted characters that I had become interested in their story.”

The characters inside “Caustic” face real issues that readers of all backgrounds can relate to such as childhood trauma, mental illness, sexual abuse, religion, sexuality and more.

Readers who have experienced trauma as a child especially, will be inspired by protagonist Margaret’s resiliency as they see her slowly start to overcome the obstacles she has faced.

“Caustic” is intended for a universal audience and may especially interest young adult readers that enjoy contemporary and psychological fiction.

It is the author’s hope that readers of “Caustic” will be encouraged to find and use their voice.

“When you don’t have a voice and you’re silent, you can do a lot of damage within yourself, which can also have an effect on other people,” Edwards said. “I want to be able to give people a voice, I want people to speak out…”

Edwards would like for readers to “break the stigma and the silence of not allowing anyone who has been victimized to remain silent.”

“Caustic” is the first in a trilogy series. It was Edwards’ goal to create “an ongoing discussion of the taboos and complex topics about abuse, institutionalization, sexuality and religion.”

Edwards is in the process of writing the remaining two books.

In addition to being an author, Edwards is a freelance project manager. She lives in San Leandro, California. For more information about the author and her work, visit

“Caustic” is available for $16.99 online via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Indie Bound, Ingram Sparks, and East Bay Bookseller bookstore.