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BOOK CORNER: Pastor uses ‘Back to Basics’ method in teaching religion

Trying to understand the Bible can be a daunting task for many readers.

In “Exploring the Holy Scriptures: The Back to Basics Series” by the Rev. Orville L. Johnson, readers are presented with a book that will not only help them understand God’s word but will answer many of their questions concerning Christianity.

The book is divided into seven chapters, each addressing a topic of importance to Christians and also to those who are concerned about their eternal destiny. The information in the book is Bible-based and covers Christian tenants such as faith, Christian maturity, kingdom building and stewardship.

The author’s favorite section of the book is Chapter 1, which outlines the “Back to Basics” system that Johnson uses to study and understand scripture.

“In order to understand something you have to delve into it,” Johnson said. “The ‘Back to Basics’ system means you go back to the words that were used and the meanings that were intended by the original writers of the scripture.”

Rev. Orville Johnson

Through reading “Exploring the Holy Scriptures: The Back to Basics Series,” Johnson hopes readers will learn how to study the word of God. He urges Bible readers to not skim, but delve deep into the word so they can know what God is saying to all who read scriptures.

This is the first of three books in the “Back to Basics Series.” The second book is about the gospel of Christ and the third book concerns the application of scripture in everyday life.

Rev. Johnson serves as one of two associate pastors at Greater New Zion Baptist Church in South Los Angeles. He also writes “Pastor’s Corner,” a monthly column in The Wave.

“Exploring the Holy Scriptures: The Back to Basics Series” is available for $12.95 (paperback) or $22.95 (hardcover) on and