BOOK CORNER: Poetry highlights journey through grief and healing

July 7, 2017

Andrea Walker-Williamson’s world turned upside down in December 2015 when her husband was killed in an auto accident. Following his death, she had to find a way to live with her small children in a new reality that was filled with pain and confusion.

Writing has always been an escape for Walker-Williamson and as she found herself writing during her time of grief, it dawned on her that what she had written needed to be shared. From that realization came her second self-published book, “Moments in Time: Poems of Grief and Healing.”

Her intention for the book was to show people what she was going through and to let them know that she wasn’t alone.

“I wanted to share my thoughts and expressions in hopes that my grief journey can also help someone else,” she said.

Inside her book, readers will find poems about healing, reflection and spirituality. Through writing her book and sharing her journey, Walker-Williamson offers helpful insight into the grieving process and shows her readers that they are also not alone on their journeys through mourning and healing.

The book was released under the Create Noise publishing company that Walker-Williamson founded in 2015. In addition to being an author, South Los Angeles native Walker-Williamson is a former social worker for chronically homeless and mentally ill individuals. She currently resides in the Vermont Knolls area with her children.

She conducts speaking engagements and workshops for “Moments in Time.” The author is also working on a publishing boot camp where she will be teaching people how to turn their publishing dreams into reality by starting their own publishing companies.

“Moments in Time: Poetry of Grief and Healing” is available for $9.95 on, Barnes & Noble, and