BOOK CORNER: Relationship book encourages women to ‘find’ themselves

March 17, 2017

Imagine if women could go on a date and not worry about what a man wants but simply focus on what they want and how he could provide that.

In “Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This,” author Blue Sullivan flips the script on traditional dating books geared toward women by producing a relationship advice book that challenges women to identify what they want in a relationship and how their partner can meet their desires.

Sullivan wanted to create a book that communicated to women that the answers for true love can be found within themselves.

“It’s about the discovery of you: who you are, what you want — personally, professionally and romantically — and how best to realize the true love relationship that will last a lifetime,” Sullivan said.

“I was inspired mainly out of a sense of feminist outrage by the so-called dating gurus [almost entirely male], who push retrograde anti-woman screeds all based on the humiliating ideal of ‘landing’ a man at any price,” Sullivan added. “I wanted a dating book that admitted that the best answers for finding true love are within women themselves.”

Blue Sullivan

Blue Sullivan

In his book, readers will find sociological research, anecdotes from women and basic life questions meant to guide the reader on their relationship journey. Questions readers are challenged to answer include: Who are you?, Where are you?, Where are you going?, and Who are you going with?

The author’s hope is that his book helps readers “learn surprising things about themselves [and experience] revelations that will unlock ways to find happiness in other arenas, not just dating.”

Sullivan lives in the Culver City area. He holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in English literature from Auburn University and a master’s in professional writing from USC.

“Your Ex-Boyfriend Will Hate This” is available for $12.95 on