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BOOK CORNER: Remembering Obama’s legacy

With two weeks left until Inauguration Day, the question of how Donald Trump’s presidential victory will impact President Barack Obama’s legacy remains.

In “The Obama Legacy,” author Earl Ofari Hutchinson shares how the 44th president should be remembered.

“His presidency was a great source of pride, not solely because he was America’s first African-American president, but because of his superb political acumen, savvy, and ability to get things done despite the towering obstacles from the GOP,” Hutchinson says. “This marked him and his administration as an administration that will serve as a model for future political accomplishment.”

In the book readers can find a rich analysis of several big-ticket issues that rocked the Obama presidency and excerpts from his signature speeches during his years in office.

Some key issues assessed include: the fiscal crisis, the war in Iraq, gun-related massacres, health care reform, climate control, police violence, abortion, immigration reform, same-sex marriage and the Clinton email scandals.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Hutchinson notes that President Obama’s great moments and accomplishments but for him none stood out more than the hundreds of pardons and clemencies he announced he would grant to low-level drug offenders, the majority of whom were black and poor. Hutchinson describes those decisions as a courageous act that testify to Obama’s legacy as a president committed to equal justice under the law.

In addition to being an author, Hutchinson is also a political analysist, contributing writer to the Huffington Post and The Wave, associate editor of New America Media and a radio host.

Hutchinson is a Dorsey High School hall of famer and alumnus of Cal State L.A., Cornell and Cal State Dominguez Hills.

“The Obama Legacy” is the third installment in Hutchinson’s trilogy on the Obama presidency. The other books are “How Obama Won” and “How Obama Governed: The Year of Crisis and Challenge.

“The Obama Legacy” is available for $9.95 on