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BOOK CORNER: ‘Revelation at Cliff House’ shows power of faith, prayer

Daphne’s world turned upside down when she was torn from everything she knew and loved. Caught in the unspeakable predilections of a nameless man, she wanted to end it all, but instead fell into the hands of a young doctor who understood her.

His past too, was met with destruction. He was able to help Daphne recover memories that she had blocked. As a result of his counsel, Daphne’s life thrived while the doctor’s fell apart. However, a supernatural revelation would soon fall upon him through the young lady he embraced some years ago.

So goes “Revelation at Cliff House” by California native Cynthia M. Lombard.

The book was inspired by personal events in the author’s life.

“My book was inspired when I realized my purpose in life,” Lombard said. “When I realized all the emotional trauma, physical and sexual abuse I endured was to help others who may be going through the same things silently.”

Cynthia Lombard

“Revelation at Cliff House” is described as an anointed novel that will keep readers hooked from cover to cover through the shocking twists and unexplainable events that occur. The story of both Daphne and the doctor is meant to teach that one’s path will not define one’s future, the author said.

Lombard’s book is meant to reach a wide audience.

“Everybody can see themselves or someone they know in Daphne’s story,” Lombard said.

She hopes readers will “understand the power of faith and the power of prayer.”

In addition to being an author, Lombard is a motivational speaker and blogger. She blogs about faith, marriage and living with heart disease.

“Revelation at Cliff House” is available for $15 on,, and at Word of Life Christian Bookstores. A kindle version also is available through Amazon.