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BOOK CORNER: Rival agents crack case in ‘Blank Sheet’

After a series of deaths, an investigation becomes a federal matter due to the nature of the setting and the numerous witnesses.

Kyle Frazier and Norman Wiley, the two polar opposite special agents that are chosen to work on the case, soon find out that, aside from the witnesses, there is one random piece of evidence linking the deaths together — a small, blank sheet of paper.

Despite the resources of the federal government, the case’s difficulty becomes secondary to the deep-rooted tension between the two agents. Unbeknownst to them, their secrets can shape the outcome of this case.

That’s the basis for the novel, “Blank Sheet” by new author Eric Dilworth.

As an avid reader and someone naturally drawn to storytelling, it was important for Dilworth to create something that he would want to read.

“I want readers to be entertained by a story unlike they’ve seen before,” Dilworth said.

“Blank Sheet” can be described as unique and very descriptive. It will grab the attention of analytical readers, fans of storytelling and readers that like to be “thrown for a loop.”

Dilworth’s mother served as inspiration for the book.

“My mother once told me I should write books when I was younger,” Dilworth said. “She’s no longer here; so, I wanted to honor her confidence in me to do it.”

The author’s favorite part of “Blank Sheet” is near the end.

“There’s a major twist that happens and throughout the ride of the book, you’re following it but you’re not sure what’s leading up to this, so the three quarters of the ending is where the explanation comes full circle,” Dilworth said.

His favorite character is Kyle Frazier.

“I took a lot of characteristics of myself and put them in there,” Dilworth said. “He is analytical, he’s humble, very engaging and down to earth.”

In addition to being an author, Dilworth works as a physical therapist assistant. He is currently working on multiple projects, including a drama, a fantasy series, and also sci-fi books. He lives with his family in Inglewood.

“Blank Sheet” is available for $19.95 (paperback) and $9.99 (digital) on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.