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BOOK CORNER: Self-help book encourages readers to dream, achieve

For those with a dream who may need a swift kick to start realizing it, Ramsey Jay Jr.’s debut writing “Empowering Dreamers to Become Achievers” may be just what the doctor ordered.

Among many other counterintuitive words of wisdom, he tells readers to get comfortable with discomfort, and that hearing “no” isn’t always a bad thing on the journey to making one’s dreams come true.

The secret is incorporating the former Wall Street investment banker’s three-step approach, called the 3P’s, to making dreams become Possible, Probable and Predictable (in a good way!).  Jay targets anyone looking for a brighter future, and encourages them to turn their biggest dreams and imaginations into attainable goals.

As a motivational speaker, leadership coach, and communication consultant, the author currently living in Marina del Rey works to inspire others. Ironically, his audience ended up inspiring him to write the book.

“As I started speaking before larger audiences, people would come up to me and ask if I had a book,” the author said. “Over and over, I was asked, ‘Where’s your book?’ After a while, it became clear that my audiences were genuinely moved by what I was sharing with them and wanted to take a piece of it home.”

Ramsey Jay Jr.
Ramsey Jay Jr.

Jay describes “Empowering” as a gift to everyone he’s touched with his work. Through the book, he gives his supporters material they can literally take away with them to prepare and inspire themselves to achieve their dreams. No doubt the powerful words of this new author will soon be widely recognized.

Jay graduated from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, and was recently the inaugural executive-in-residence at his alma mater, Fresno State’s Craig School of Business.

“Empowering Dreamers to Become Achievers” is available for $18.95 at