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BOOK CORNER: ‘Shadow Wolves’ take on the Zeta cartel in new book

Ethan Crowe, a Lakota Sioux tracker, is lured out of retirement to lead the Shadow Wolves, an elite team of intelligent and tough Native American trackers from tribes across the United States, that are tasked with battling the viscous drug cartel in the Arizona dessert.

That’s the basis for “Shadow Wolves” by Jake Kaminski.

“Shadow Wolves” is Kaminski’s first book and draws from his background working undercover or operating undercover operations in Miami and South America.

“I felt I had a good insight into the workings of the major cartels and also into the minds of the powerful drug lords,” Kaminski said.

The book also draws from his experiences working with the real-life Shadow Wolves.

“I was so impressed by their almost magical tracking skills, but also the rich cultural heritage that made those skills possible,” Kaminski added. “I also wanted to tell a human story about the victims of human trafficking and the people who try to stop it.”

It was important for Kaminski to produce a story that showcased Native American heritage in modern America.

“I felt it important to tell a story that went beyond the typical stereotypes of ‘sweat lodges’ and platitudes,” he said.

Kaminski’s portrayal of the Native American characters in his book may resonate with readers.

“The Native American characters struggle with things that all of us deal with, and maybe even more so,” he said. “They proudly do their duty and risk their lives, but at the same time they have family living on eservations who suffer from poverty, alcoholism and drug addiction.”

In his book, Kaminski also sheds light on the harsh realities of powerful drug cartels, human trafficking, violence, and more.

“The bad guys, both the Serb militiamen and the Zeta drug cartel are shown candidly, their cruelty almost inhuman,” Kaminski said.

“Shadow Wolves” is action packed and will appeal to a wide audience of readers, especially those who enjoy “adventure, suspense and, in the end, a story about the human condition.”

In addition to being an author, Kaminski is a retired police lieutenant. He currently works as a consultant in the entertainment industry and for the federal government where he advises on undercover operations. For more information, visit

“Shadow Wolves” is available for $27.95 (Hardcover), $20.95 (Paperback), and $9.99 (E-Book) on and