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BOOK CORNER: Sixth-grade author wants people to treat each other better

A devastating storm hits, leaving behind a blanket of snow that covered the whole world. The few survivors that remain soon find each other and begin to work together to seek food and ways to keep warm.

That’s the basis for the children’s book, “The Cold Winter Survivors,” by Dakota Jacobs.

The sixth grader wanted to express positivity in her first book by showing people from different backgrounds coming together.

“We’re living in a time now where so many people are rude, so I wanted to create a book where people could come together and actually be nice to each other,” Jacobs said. “In this book, people come together, realize their similarities, get saved together and are no longer mean.”

Jacobs was inspired by her mother, author Andrean Jacobs, and her teachers to write her book.

“I started writing when I was 10 and a half because of my mom. She’s an inspiration to me,” Jacobs said.

Dakota Jacobs

“The Cold Winter Survivors” is a book that testifies to the beauty of the human spirit.

“As a kid, I see how mean adults treat each other,” said the author. “I think if people had God in their hearts then maybe they would smile, laugh and treat each other kindly.”

Jacobs hopes readers of her book will be inspired to want to know God, to be nicer to each other and to realize that we all have more in common than what separates us.

When she isn’t in school or writing, Jacobs enjoys playing piano, drawing and hanging out with her friends and family.

After she graduates college, Jacobs hopes to become president of the United States one day. She lives in Long Beach with her parents and sister.

“The Cold Winter Survivors” is available for $7.99 on and