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BOOK CORNER: Story of Queen Charlotte comes to life in new book

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

There are parts of black history that are missing from many textbooks and in “Invisible Queen: Mixed Ancestry Revealed,” Los Angeles native Stephanie Myers sheds light on the contributions of Queen Sofia Charlotte, a woman with Moorish/black heritage who served as queen of Britain and Ireland.

Queen Charlotte was the wife of King George III, who reigned during the period of the American Revolution. They had 15 children and were married for more than 60 years.

Myers’ passion for research and history served as inspiration for her latest book.

“I am dedicated to researching stories about little known individuals with black heritage, who have made contributions to American history and world history but have been overlooked,” said the author. “Queen Charlotte is one of these historical characters, who has been hidden in plain sight.”

Queen Charlotte was an abolitionist who personally opposed slavery, even though England was a leader in the Atlantic slave trade. In 1808, slavery ended in England while King George III and Queen Charlotte were still on the throne.

Stephanie Myers

It was important for Myers to create this book that can resonate with persons ages 15 and older.

“Young people of all nationalities and particularly African-American young people need to know about black people who changed history and lived not only in America but in Europe and other parts of the world,” Myers said. “This knowledge is important for their self-esteem.”

The book is filled with many life lessons, such as not being afraid to use your influence to foster change in your community and the world at large. Readers of “Invisible Queen” will no doubt gain an appreciation of the knowledge and the historical contributions of Queen Charlotte to world history.

“Invisible Queen” is Myers’ second history book and she has also authored children’s books. In addition to being an author, she operates Myers Publishing Company with her husband. She’s the national co-chair of Black Women for Positive change. She lives in Washington, D.C.

“Invisible Queen: Mixed Ancestry Revealed” is available for $20 plus shipping and handling on