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BOOK CORNER: ‘Success Stories’ provides advice for young black men

For some who have grown up hearing “You can be anything you want to be,” the message is often lost because it’s rarely accompanied by in-depth guidance on how to reach those goals. Author Reginald Grant wants to change that.

In his book “Success Stories: Insights by African American Men” readers find cross-generational stories by 18 African-American men. Each shares his journey about survival and success in America from diverse perspectives.

Through “Success Stories,” Grant provides helpful information on battling adversity and achieving success.

He would know. He was born out of wedlock in the projects, but with the help of his parents, achieved plenty of his own success.

Reginald Grant
Reginald Grant

The former New York Jets player has taught English for the past 16 years. Grant uses his past experiences as a professional and collegiate athlete to relate to the challenges many young black men face as they strive for success.  His goal? To help that sometimes vulnerable group become scholars.

“I just wanted to help African-American males see people that look like them, that came from the same environments they live in and [who] face the same challenges they do, [to] see that they too can succeed here in America,” explains the author.

A workbook accompanies the book, and in it readers are challenged to put the skills they’ve learned into action.

Grant currently teaches English at Magnolia Science Academy in Los Angeles and manages Grant Language Academy. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and the University of the Southwest, New Mexico. He lives in the West Adams District with his wife and three daughters, who are all authors.


“Success Stories: Insights by African American Men” is available for $29.95 at