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BOOK CORNER: ‘The Kavanaugh Court’ looks at a Supreme Court nominee

Wave Staff Report

In “The Kavanaugh Court,” political analyst and Wave columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson presents a point-by-point examination of the monumental stakes involved in the confirmation fight over U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Hutchinson peels back the layers of Kavanaugh’s published writings, case rulings and opinions to reveal a judge who will move the U.S. Supreme Court quickly to the most extreme right-wing edge in law and public policy in a century.

“The battle over the release of the tens of thousands of Kavanaugh documents was not just a desperate grasp at a straw by Senate Democrats to torpedo the Kavanaugh nomination,” Hutchinson said. “The battle for control of the Supreme Court has had deep resonance among many Americans.

“Exit polls after the 2016 presidential election found that the overwhelming majority of voters cited picking a Supreme Court justice as either ‘the most important factor,’ or ‘an important factor’ in determining who they would vote for.”

The Kavanaugh confirmation battle is the latest in the ongoing war over who would control the Supreme Court for years to come.

“The Republicans and the Democrats are painfully aware with the long-term tenures of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas,” Hutchinson said, “that presidents and members of Congress come and go, but justices can sit on the bench until death if they choose. There are no term limits on them.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

In “The Kavanaugh Court,” Hutchinson takes a look at Kavanaugh’s record on an off the bench.

There are his hard-right rulings and opinions in appellate cases on abortion, surveillance and wiretapping, labor, the financial industry and corporate regulations, immigrant rights and affirmative action. They all reflected the textbook conservative stance on these issues that expand and endorse corporate and civil rights and liberty abuses.

“The Kavanaugh Court” also presents Kavanaugh’s own words from his major address to the American Enterprise Institute in 2017 that gives a telling glimpse into how he will rule once on the high court.

“The Kavanaugh Court” is a stark and frightening assessment of the long-term impact for the nation of a Kavanaugh Supreme Court.

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