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BOOK CORNER: ‘True 2 The Streets’ depicts lessons learned in the streets


The code of ethics in the streets is to kill or be killed and to not show any emotion or fear. Drew and Penny are learning those lessons the hard way.

What will one sacrifice to keep his sanity and freedom? Will Drew and Penny prevail to kingpin status or be sucked in for life from the very same infested streets that raised them?

Find out in, “True 2 The Streets” a newly released book by Long Beach native Stanley James II and Keshia Williams.

The book is intended for young adult and adult readers. Set in Los Angeles County, “True 2 The Streets” will no doubt connect with local readers and others who are curious about the happenings in Los Angeles streets.

In this book, readers will be reminded of what they enjoy from James which are his realistic tales of life in the streets of Los Angeles. His hope is that readers of his book see the “reality of life and the certain situations and repercussions that could play out.”

Stanley James II

“True 2 The Streets” is filled with life lessons and drama that will take readers on a fun ride and elicit a wide range of emotions including laughter, sadness, anger and romance. James’ favorite character is Drew.

“He’s the craziest,” said the author. “He’s off the chain, everything you would not expect but everything that people want.”

“True 2 The Streets” is James’s second book. His first novel is “The Bust: Live by the Gun Die by the Gun.”

“I started writing fiction novels seriously as a profession after I left the drug game and the multiple arrests that consumed my teenaged years,” James said. “Since I don’t rap or do anything with music, I just figured this is another light through which I can show the world of how we live in the urban communities.”

He is currently working on multiple projects including an anthology of several hood and street stories by several authors that is set to debut in the spring. In addition to being an author, James works on production sets as a model and actor. He lives in North Long Beach.

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

“True 2 The Streets” is available for $16.99 on and Amazon.