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BOOK CORNER: True love is put to the test in new novella, ‘Undefiled’

By Marissa Wells

Contributing Writer

Liz has found love with Anthony, a member of her church. She considers him the perfect man, but the night before their wedding, he shares with her that he is bisexual and that one of his previous lovers was a man.

Will Liz forgive him for keeping such a big secret? Or will Liz call off the wedding?

Find out in “Undefiled,” a new novella by Christian author Raykel Tolson that tackles the question: can you love and marry a bisexual man?

It was important for Tolson to create a book that sheds light on this important topic that exists within African-American church environments.

“As Christians, especially in the African-American community, we have to stop placing people in boxes and labeling them as bad,” said the author. “God made us all good, and the blood of Jesus covers us all…”

Tolson hopes her book inspires readers to be more loving.

Raykel Tolson

“I hope that readers who happen to be Christians will focus more on sharing the good news of Jesus and exhibiting the love of God, and leave changing people’s behavior to God,” Tolson said.

“Undefiled” will no doubt be an enjoyable read for both female and male readers. Some of the moral lessons found in the book include the importance of not being judgmental and practicing forgiveness and acceptance.

“I am not here to judge. In fact, I want my readers to challenge their belief that God is judgmental and will punish them for being different,” Tolson said. “As a Christian, my goal is to give people room to consider a different point of view that might free them up to live the life they dream about having.”

In addition to being an author and mentor, Tolson works as a pharmacist and operates the YouTube channel, “Auntie Ray,” where she offers advice to viewers. To learn more about the author, visit

“Undefiled” is available for $12.95 (print) and $2.95 (Kindle) on and Print copies may also be purchased for $10 at Understanding Principles for Better Living Church, 600 W. Queen St., Inglewood, 90301 (First Evangelical Lutheran Church).