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BOOK CORNER: ‘Twinkle Box’ opens world of romance, suspense

“The Twinkle Box,” by Larry Pye is a new psychological murder mystery loosely based on a true story.

In it, readers meet Father, a sociopath who abuses whomever comes within reach. In this touching story, readers will no doubt be drawn to the deeply complex characters and their tragic backstories.  

A retired probation officer, Pye’s book was inspired by his former work.

“I was inspired by a child I met years ago at a juvenile facility,” Pye said. “His horrendous story of abuse seemed unbelievable. One day I met his psychiatric social worker and she confirmed his unusual story.”

For the author, this was a story that needed to be told.

“The human experience, whether it’s good or bad is always interesting,” Pye added. “Any chance to learn or know about something unexpected or different is intriguing to people. It draws them in … often against their will.”

“The Twinkle Box,” is filled with complex characters who encounter instances of domestic violence, friendships, romance, murder and more.

Pye also includes the characters’ tragic backstories.

“I have these back stories because I want people to realize and not be so judgmental that we’re all capable of falling into some of these little pitfalls that my characters have gone through.”

“The Twinkle Box” is intended for young adult and adult readers of all backgrounds.

“Everyone is struggling with something and will be able to relate to my novel,” Pye said.

This is a book that readers will have a hard time putting down as each chapter is more engrossing than the next.

“It’s a bunch of little stories all entwined in a plot to get to the bottom of this murder mystery,” said the author.

Pye hopes readers of his book come to understand the complexity of human behavior.

“We all have a backstory and problems we must cope with,” Pye said. “Hopefully, when we understand this, we can be less judgmental.”

In addition to being an author, Pye teaches anger management and life skills at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. He lives in Inglewood. To connect with Pye, visit

“The Twinkle Box” is available for $14.95 on Amazon.