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BOOK CORNER: Woman tackles love, career and family in latest novel

Sasha Edmonds is a top pharmaceutical sales representative and has a fiancé who loves her. She has more than she could ever imagine until her life takes a spin in another direction.

Under the impression that her fiancé, Damien, may be cheating, Sasha breaks off their engagement. She also learns that her mother is seriously ill. She is then captivated by Wesley, a wealthy pharmaceutical businessman that may have the cure for her mom, career and wounded heart.

Will Sasha get all she wants? Find out in “Two Steps Past the Altar” by Patricia A. Bridewell.

Bridewell is known for writing books that not only portray realistic depictions of life but also inspire others. In her new inspirational romance, topics of infidelity, career, status, wealth, health, forgiveness and familial issues take center stage.

“Whenever I write a book, I always try to include some issues in my stories that in the end, will inspire or educate other people,” Bridewell said . “I may not know how or what the messages will be until I get deeper into the story.”

Some of the lessons address the importance of not being judgmental and of not viewing money as the biggest factor in a relationship.

Bridewell’s favorite character in her book is Damien.

“He was just such a really laid-back down-to-earth guy who really loved Sasha,” said the author. “He wanted a family, children. … He wanted things that other young people typically want.”

“Two Steps Past the Altar” is intended for adults 25 and above who enjoy edgy, inspirational romance novels. It is the author’s hope that readers are inspired by how the novel ends and that they learn the importance of God and forgiveness.

“Love God first and remember that forgiveness is something that people should consider because no one is perfect; wealth and status does not always equal happiness,” Bridewell said.

In addition to being an author, Bridewell is a family practice nurse practitioner, psychiatric nurse practitioner and an educator. To learn more about the author and her books visit

Bridewell is based in both Hawthorne and Lancaster.

“Two Steps Past the Altar” is available for $10.70 (paperback) 99 cents (E-book) via,, It’s also sold for $15 purchased in stores at Zara’s Books ~N~ Things.