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BOOK CORNER: Young woman must handle fame, unexpected life events in ‘Prodigal’

Lyric, 21, has lived a sheltered life growing up in the church. After being cast in a reality television show, her life takes an unexpected turn when she’s faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

When her insecurities and pain are documented for the world to see, Lyric must find a way to not let pain destroy her heart and soul.

So goes “Prodigal” by Samantha Sanchez.

Her debut book was inspired by her own life experiences.

“I’ve been in relationships and situations where I felt I wasn’t valued,” Sanchez said. “I went through a period of depression because of it. Writing was a form of therapy for that depression that led me back into a more balanced place and into my roots in faith that God can see me through it.”

Through “Prodigal,” Sanchez has written an entertaining story with a message about God that many readers may connect with.

“I wanted to capture your attention before you realize that you’re receiving a message at the same time,” Sanchez said.

It was important for the author to create a story that readers could relate to.

“I know I’m not the only person in the world to have felt lost in terms of their identity,” Sanchez said. “I have felt alone and trapped in a seemingly inescapable situation.”

The book is intended for young adult readers who enjoy social media and reality television. Readers will find relatable characters and story elements like unplanned pregnancy, absent fathers, relationships, heartbreaks and the freedom and joys of young adulthood.

“I hope readers will first and foremost be entertained by the characters and their antics,” Sanchez said. She also hopes readers “remember that God is always around and that they can be healed from all the hurt and pain they may feel or carry with them if they let go and allow themselves to be healed.”

“Prodigal” is the first installment in a planned trilogy. Sanchez is currently working on the second book, which will follow Lyric as she tries to balance fame, God and church politics.

In addition to being an author, Sanchez is a pre-school teacher and is finishing a degree in psychology. She lives in San Diego. To learn more about the author, visit

“Prodigal” is available for $15 on Amazon.