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Calderon trial delayed until August

LOS ANGELES — Lawyers have agreed to delay the public corruption trial of former state Sen. Ron Calderon and his brother until August, court papers show.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers filed a stipulation Jan. 21 in Los Angeles federal court to postpone the trial from May 19 to Aug. 11 because they need to review about 280,000 pages of evidence, including about 2,000 recorded phone calls.

The Montebello Democrat has pleaded not guilty to accepting $100,000 in cash bribes, trips and dinners in exchange for pushing workers’ compensation legislation and a film industry tax credit scheme that was actually an FBI sting. His term expired at the end of last year.

Thomas Calderon, 60, a former lawmaker-turned-lobbyist, has pleaded not guilty to laundering bribes through a tax-exempt group and consulting company he operates.

Ron Calderon, 57, was one of three Senate Democrats suspended last year because of felony charges.