East Edition

Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary holds annual Field Day

While having fun testing their athletic skills, Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School students recently raised money to help keep tuition costs affordable and fund vital projects on campus.

At the school’s third annual Cardinal Field Day fundraiser, students competed in a total of 13 events including a water balloon toss, an obstacle course, aero bungee, dodge ball, a gladiator joust and a boxing bout. The students, in teams of eight, rotated among each station and as each event was completed, a check was placed on their game card.

“This is so much fun,” said one student. “The human bubble race is my favorite.”

Bystanders cheered as students bounced and rolled their way to the finish line in groups of two.

Meanwhile, other students tested their strength as they worked their way to the top of the mountain at the rock climbing station, while still others had fun at the strata ball station with balls four feet in diameter that can bounce as high as 40 feet in the air.

The entire student body participates in the event, with teachers and staff joining in on the fun as well.

“I think the teachers look forward to this day of play as much as the students,” Principal Robert Fraley said. “The students also enjoy seeing their teachers participate and have fun along with them.”

“It’s hilarious to see the faculty and staff participate,” said another student. “It gives us a different perspective to see them outside of the normal classroom setting and having fun along with us.”

Each student is responsible for securing 10 sponsors, usually family, friends or local businesses, at $10 per ticket.

At the end of the day, the completed game cards are turned in giving students an opportunity to win prizes which included bottles of Gatorade, school T-shirts, and pens and pencils.

By the expression on the participants’ faces and the enthusiasm exhibited at each station, it was obvious that a great time was had by all.