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Casa 0101 Theater begins 15th year with ‘Clean Start’

BOYLE HEIGHTS — A broke, down-on-her-luck Beverly Hills socialite is forced to move in with her Latina housekeeper in East Los Angeles in Casa 0101 Theater’s latest production kicking off the theater’s 15th anniversary season.

“Clean Start,” written by Kathy Fischer and Josefina López, directed by Kathy Fischer, and produced by

López and Emmanuel Deleage, is running at Casa 0101 Theater, 2102 E. First St., Fridays through Sundays through Feb. 15.

The comedy centers around Parker Reed, a down-on-her-luck Beverly Hills socialite, and Rosario Rodriguez, her Latina maid who lives in a small, two bedroom house in East Los Angeles. When Reed loses everything due to a result of her husband’s illegal dealings running a ponzi scheme, she is forced to move in with Rosario and her superstitious mother and immature sister.

The resulting tensions force the women from such divergent backgrounds to resolve their differences and make a clean start with their lives.

“Clean Start” stars Kim Chase as Reed and Ingrid Oliu of Glassell Park as Rodriguez.

It also features Marina Gonzalez Palmier as Rodriguez’s mother Doña Maria Rodriguez, Maria Russell as the immature sister and Robert Jekabson as their handyman Vladimir.

Fischer, the co-writer and director, said, “Our play had its genesis when the recession was in full swing and the mortgage crisis was pushing people out of their homes. It was a time when people involved with Bernie Madoff lost their fortunes overnight, and Bernie’s wife, Ruth, was blacklisted from every spa, five-star restaurant and country club around the world. Or so we imagined.

“Even the rich were learning to dial back on spending and trying to stretch every dollar.  Josefina joked, ‘Now everyone has to learn to live like a Mexican.’ Hence, the premise for our play evolved:  What if a Beverly Hills socialite lost all her money due to her husband’s illegal dealings, and her friends turned their backs on her, so she had no place to go except to the home of her loyal housekeeper who lives in East Los Angeles?”

Showtimes are 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 5 p.m. Sundays

Tickets are $20 for general admission; $17 for students and senior citizens; and $15 for Boyle Heights residents. Free parking is available on several streets surrounding the theatre.

Information: (323) 263-7684.