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BOOK CORNER: New book offers quick advice on ways of eliminating debt

By Marissa Wells Contributing Writer In “Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes,” author Natalie Torres-Haddad addresses five basic tools that many millennials and others dealing with debt can implement to eliminate debt and create a brighter financial future. The book was designed to be a quick read and may be read in 20 minutes. Torres-Haddad’s passion […]

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BOOK CORNER: Mother writes raw memoir about her son’s tragic death

By Marissa Wells Contributing Writer Pati Poblete’s world was shattered when her son, Robby, was killed by gun violence. In “A Better Place,” Poblete shares the captivating story of how Robby’s death changed her and how she has used the horrifying experience to continue her son’s legacy. The memoir takes readers on Poblete’s raw, heart-breaking […]

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BOOK CORNER: ‘The Kavanaugh Court’ looks at a Supreme Court nominee

Wave Staff Report In “The Kavanaugh Court,” political analyst and Wave columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson presents a point-by-point examination of the monumental stakes involved in the confirmation fight over U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Hutchinson peels back the layers of Kavanaugh’s published writings, case rulings and opinions to reveal a judge who will move […]