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SIMPLY JESSICA: Chris Helfrich talks about Starlight Children’s Foundation

Chris Helfrich, the CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation, watched tears run down a family’s face on Oct. 21 at Starlight’s Dream Halloween Celebrity Costume Party. He listened as a mother, father and two siblings thanked him for the magical night that the Starlight Children’s Foundation was giving their child and their brother (Crosby) who is […]

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SIMPLY JESSICA: Cayden Williams talks about his future acting plans

Cayden Williams was a year old when Michael Jackson died in June 2009. Eight years later, Williams spends each evening trying to do the signature dance moonwalk that made Jackson a superstar. “I like how Michael Jackson danced,” Williams said. “It is tough to get the moonwalk right but I keep trying. I love Michael […]

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SIMPLY JESSICA: Ryan Kennedy discusses his role in Amazon’s ‘Tin Star’

It’s 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. Actor Ryan Kennedy sits in his home, ready to answer my questions about his Amazon television show “Tin Star.” Kennedy has just cooked a sirloin steak, sautéed potatoes and a salad. It sounds really good and healthy to me but Kennedy calls it his routine food that he is […]