Earl Ofari Hutchinson

THE HUTCHINSON REPORT: Charlottesville is GOP’s Frankenstein’s monster

I wasn’t mad at President Donald Trump for his initial mealy mouthed, say no name, whitewash of the white nationalist rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia. I wasn’t mad at the Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel’s, equally mealy mouthed, say nothing, statement on the racist perpetrators of the violence. My anger only rose after watching and…

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THE HUTCHINSON REPORT: The Blue Line even protects black cops

It was widely considered a foregone conclusion that Minneapolis police officer Mohammed Noor would be indicted, tried and likely convicted in the shooting death of Justine Damond. He was black, a Muslim and from Somalia and had prior complaints against him. She was white, a middle-class Australian national and a popular meditation and yoga instructor.…

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