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‘Has MLK’s dream for equality for all been realized yet?’

STREET BEAT Lisa Jackson Hollywood  “No, we’re going backwards. Look who’s in the White House now. It seems like Jim Crow is being reinstated. The more we protest and fight for equality, the worse it gets for us.”  Damian McCully Los Angeles  “Certainly not. However, there have been strides made from the time of Dr. Read More…

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‘Should Kevin Hart be allowed to host the Oscars?’-STREET BEAT

Aldo Rivas Hawthorne “Yes, he should. He’s a great host and actor. We’re in 2018, it shouldn’t bother people. They should know how to distinguish a character from a person.” Angie Keaton Los Angeles “I think he should do it because he apologized in the beginning and they want him to apologize again. … He’s Read More…