Owen Redway, a field supervisor at LRS Plumbing, has been recognized for his role supporting the development of urban communities, encouraging civic responsibility and for promoting awareness of the plumbing-trade to young urbanites.

The special commendation was awarded by the city of Inglewood.

Redway’s brother, Leonard Redway, owner of LRS Plumbing, will retire in April, handing down the business to Owen, while Leonard moves forward to head the LR Foundation, a new advocacy program for underserved youth.

Owen Redway says he is ready to take control so his brother can focus on the family’s charitable mission.


Freddie Muse Jr.
Freddie Muse Jr.

Freddie Muse Jr., founder of the Men’s Cancer Network, has been named a healthy aging and cancer prevention ambassador for South Los Angeles.

The honor, awarded by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, recognizes Muse’s completion of the Healthy Aging Partnerships in Prevention Initiative, a program designed to train community leaders.

Muse said, because of the certificate, he can train organizers to arrange cancer detection screenings in churches, libraries and senior citizen homes.

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research compiles research and data for policy making opportunities to improve the public’s health.

Compiled by Billie Jordan. 

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