Cheers West Edition


Natasha Gray, a graduate of George Washington Preparatory High School and UCLA, has been selected by John Singleton to write for BET’s new scripted drama series, “Rebel.”

Gray said she is moved that something she wrote and had community relevance will premiere on BET, March 28, and she has teamed up to write with Singleton, whose work has inspired her career.

“Rebel,” directed by Singleton, examines the complicated relationship that the black community faces with police officers.

Tracey Mitchell-Lai

Tracey Mitchel-Lai, the head of finance at Biscuit Filmworks, has been elected to the board of directors at the Economic Resources Corporation.

Mitchel-Lai said it was an African American Board Leadership Institute workshop, she attended a year ago that started the process.

There was a courting process and Mitchel-Lai passed the test. Initially, Mitchel-Lai will lead the audit committee.

The Economic Resources Corporation supports business development, provides job opportunities, and invests in real estate.

Compiled by Billie Jordan.

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