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Chris Brown’s attorney says no guns, drugs found

LOS ANGELES — Chris Brown’s attorney insisted Friday no guns or drugs were found in the singer’s home when it was searched by police Aug. 30 in response to a report he pointed a gun at a woman.

Lawyer Mark Geragos also said he is working to authenticate a purported text message the woman allegedly sent, in which she admits she wanted to set the singer up.

“I know that some people find it hard to believe that people in this day and age may lie for certain ulterior motives,” Geragos said. “But it is interesting to me that when somebody has a incident that supposedly you are frightened to death and you’re scared, that the first place you go is to TMZ, as opposed to the hospital, your psychiatrist or maybe even your lawyer. So I think that speaks volumes.”

Geragos, in a roughly 15-minute news conference at his office, cast doubt on the veracity of model Baylee Curran’s claim that Brown pointed a gun at her Aug. 30 at the singer’s Tarzana home. The allegation led to a nearly daylong police investigation that ended with Brown being arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Brown was released the same day on $250,000 bond.

He said Los Angeles police made a thorough search of Brown’s home, and no guns or drugs were found. He also said police did not find any jewelry matching the description of a bauble that Curran claimed she was admiring when she was ordered out of the house and had a gun pointed at her by Brown.

“She described with great detail what this piece of jewelry was,” he said. “Nothing was found that corroborated her statement.”

He said the roughly six other people who were in Brown’s home in the 5000 block of Corbin Drive corroborated Brown’s insistence that Curran was never threatened.

“To the best of my understanding … none of them supported the story that was told,” Geragos said. “The story that was conveyed to me by the witnesses there is that nothing happened, is that this woman got irate when she was asked to leave because she was acting in an erratic manner and specifically was told that you have to leave.”

The attorney said he is working to authenticate a text message that Curran allegedly sent to an acquaintance early Aug. 30, claiming she planned to report Brown to the police.

In the text message, a copy of which was obtained by TMZ, Curran allegedly wrote “this freak Chris Brown is kicking me out of his house because I called his friend jewelry fake.” She goes on to say she is “going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I’m going to set his … up.”

Geragos said if the text message is authentic, it should prompt a criminal investigation into Curran.

“We’re going to be calling for — if there isn’t already, because we’ve only heard it by rumor — a formal criminal investigation if in fact we can show that the providence, meaning that we can authenticate the text that was sent,” he said. “Because if that text is true, then it gives great credence to what my client said initially, is that nothing happened and this was a set up.”

Geragos also said Curran is the subject of police investigations “on both coasts,” and he is reviewing items such as police reports and restraining orders filed against her.

Curran told TMZ that she was hanging out at Brown’s house, and spent time in a hot tub before going back to where Brown was with his friends, one of whom was “selling these diamond watches and necklaces.”

She said she was admiring a “diamond cross necklace” but she “did not pick it up, I did not try to take it.”

At that point, Brown became angry and that’s when “he pulled out the gun and said ‘Get the F out of here,’ and kind of threatened me with it,” she said.

Curran, 24, was crowned Miss California Regional earlier this year, but pageant officials Sept. 1 said she was stripped of the title due to racially charged comments she allegedly made to other contestants, along with the discovery of  “racy” photographs.