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Clean-up work underway at Huntington Park site

HUNTINGTON PARK — Cleanup crews descended on a 5.1-acre property here June 18 to remove 5,600 tons of soil contaminated by decades of industrial work done at the site.

The $1.2 million effort, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state Department of Toxic Substances Control, will remove soil contaminated with arsenic, cadmium, lead and poly aromatic hydrocarbons.

According to federal officials, the site near Alameda Street and Wilmington Avenue was home to a fertilizer manufacturer beginning in 1923 but it was replaced by a steel-manufacturing business in 1928. Southland Steel bought the site in 1972 and used it for steel manufacturing and chemical storage until 2002. Three years later, the land was purchased by the city.

Once the soil-cleanup operation is completed, the city will sell the property — which is being used as a parking lot — to Alexander Imports, which will build a BMW electric vehicle dealership.

Federal officials said Alexander Imports will contribute funds to address possible groundwater contamination on the site.