Lead Story West Edition

Compton candidate may challenge vote count

COMPTON — Jasper Jackson, the third-place finisher in the District 1 City Council election April 16, said April 24 he intends to challenge the election results.

Jackson received 351 in the final vote count from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s Office, 52 votes behind second-place finisher Michelle Chambers, who appears headed for a runoff against incumbent District 1 Councilwoman Janna Zurita.

Zurita received 678 votes, 38.7% of ballots cast in the race.

Three other candidates received a combined 320 votes.

Jackson trailed Chambers by only 10 votes at the end of counting election night.

He said he would ask for a recount and might go to court to contest the results. In an email sent to supporters and The Wave, he said there were glitches and inaccuracies in the vote count “and suspicious activity took place in the race.”

Jackson also said a number of ballots were not counted because the signature on the voting roster book didn’t match the signatures on file. He also said some vote-by-mail ballots were counted even though they lacked a signature.

In District 4, incumbent Emma Sharif is facing a runoff against Justin Blakely. Blakely received 43.6% of the vote, to Sharif’s 30.09%. Inez “Tootie” Atkins finished third in the race with 26.315 of the vote.