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Compton Mayor Brown draws five challengers for April election

COMPTON —The field of candidates vying for elected office in the city is expansive, including five candidates hoping to unseat Mayor Aja Brown, who made history in 2013 when she became Compton’s youngest mayor.

Brown won that election, defeating both incumbent Mayor Eric J. Perrodin and former Mayor Omar Bradley. Bradley will appear on the ballot along with Lynne Rodgers Boone, Bryan O. Parker, James Hays and Ernest “Scooby” Green, when the city’s primary election is held April 18.

The two candidates receiving the most votes for mayor will face off in the general election June 6. Voters may cast their ballot for one mayoral candidate only.

Ann Crigler, professor of political science at USC, explained that off-year elections historically see less voter participation and that primary elections sometimes determine the general election results.

It’s anyone’s guess, however, what the outcome will be in Compton.

“Off-year elections generally don’t get as much attention and tend to attract less interest,” Crigler said. “In this case, you have forces going both ways. Some voters are tired of the election process and, then with Trump being elected, people are starting to be concerned. They don’t want to be in a country or place that advocates the kinds of things that Trump is advocating. Voter registrations are up.”

Crigler noted that after only one term in office, Brown had several challengers for re-election.

“I can’t tell you what the outcome of the election will be, but I think it’s a good sign that so many people want to be involved in the political process,” she said.

There will not be any ballot measures on the April 18 ballot.

In addition to the mayor’s office, there are two City Council seats up for re-election as well as the city attorney, city clerk and city treasurer offices.

In City Council District 2, incumbent Isaac Galvan is being challenged by Bill Ivey, Al Hamade and Jacqueline Venters.

In City Council District 3, incumbent Tana McCoy is being challenged by Chris Petit, Robert Ray, Tomas Carlos and Joyce Kelly.

Incumbent City Attorney Craig Cornwell is being challenged by Marcus Musante, City Clerk Alita Godwin is being challenged by school board President Satra Zurita and City Treasurer Douglas Sanders is being challenged by Jasper “Jay” Jackson and Jenise A. Davis.

Voters may find a sample ballot on the city’s website, which includes background information on each candidate and their plans for the office if elected.

As of November 2016, there were 43,643 registered voters in the city of Compton, according to the Countty Registrar’s office.

The last day to register to vote for the primary election is April 3. Voters may request vote-by-mail applications from March 20 to April 11.