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Compton official clarifies issue with transportation allowance

COMPTON — City Councilman Isaac Galvan has responded to issues pertaining to an email making its rounds around the city about issues related to an alleged personal matters and the loss of his transportation allowance.

The email from an anonymous gmail account is circulating around social media alleging that Galvan was arrested in Pasadena for driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license.

2UrbanGirls reached out to Galvan, who agreed to speak on two conditions: the first part of the conversation was “off the record” and then he would go on the record to disseminate information to the public.

Asked if he was ever arrested for drunk driving, Galvan answered: “I was never arrested for driving under the influence. I was pulled outside of a restaurant for allegedly driving under the influence.”

Asked about the status of his driver’s license, Galvan said: “My license was suspended in January of this year because they delayed the case. I was looking forward to my day in court in March but, due to the coronavirus, my court date was postponed.”

Galvan said he was still receiving his transportation allowance from the city because he was wrongfully arrested and that he used the allowance to take Lyft or Uber. There is no provision in the city charter mandating the council members have a valid driver’s license.

Galvan said he was not engaged in official duties when this alleged incident took place.

The city gives council members the option to either drive a city car, which would require a valid driver’s license, or opt to take the transportation allowance, which does not.

Galvan says he currently receives approximately $1,300 per month, as a member of the City Council, which covers his monthly salary, technology and transportation expenses.

Calls to Galvan’s attorney Anthony Willoughby went unanswered.

By 2UrbanGirls

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