Culver City Edition

Culver City High implements Character Counts program

CULVER CITY — Culver City High School started implementing the Character Counts program this school year.

This program is based on the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Each pillar reflects an important part of being a successful adult, a district spokesperson said

English teacher Darrin Dennis is one of many faculty members who has embraced Character Counts. As students enter his classroom, they see the pillars displayed on the wall.

Dennis started the school year by asking the students the meaning of each of the words in the six pillars to help them have a more personal understanding of the pillars. Throughout the school year, he referenced them and worked hard to reference them within his lessons.

In a recent classroom literature discussion one of his students discussed the honor of a character in the book they read. The student then referenced his own upbringing and how his mother had focused on honor while raising him.

School officials say that students who use the Character Counts concept in their lives will be better prepared for a successful future.

A team of eight educators — including teachers, counselors and administrators — attended a Character Counts training during the spring to dig deeper into the program in hopes of continuing to train other members of the staff on the use and implementation of the six pillars.

The school plans to have the program embedded into all aspects of the school. Student leadership, clubs, classrooms and our athletic programs will focus on the six pillars.

During the upcoming summer vacation, all coaches will participate in a Pursuing Victory with Honor training, which is a branch of the Character Counts program that focuses on student athletes.