Culver City Edition

Culver City receives Beacon Spotlight Awards

CULVER CITY — The city has won two Beacon Spotlight Awards, a Platinum Award in Agency Energy Savings and a Gold Award in Sustainable Best Practice Activities.

To earn the Platinum Award in Agency Energy Savings, the city decreased its energy usage by 26 percent since 2006 through implementation of turnkey energy efficiency projects citywide and by taking advantage of enhanced incentives and rebates.

In 2014, the city upgraded interior and exterior lighting to light-emitting diode lights, optimized heating and air conditioning equipment and implemented a new energy management system to manage those components.

The city has saved over 700,000 kilowatts annually, the equivalent to saving 1,150 tons of carbon dioxide or taking 225 cars off the road.

The city’s Gold Award in Sustainable Best Practice Activities was achieved by fulfilling three voluntary achievements within each of 10categories of sustainable best practices: energy efficiency and conservation, water and wastewater systems, waste reduction and recycling, green building activity, climate-friendly purchasing, renewable energy and low-carbon fuels, efficient transportation, land use and community development, open space and offsetting carbon emissions, and community and individual actions.

The energy efficiency efforts underscore the city’s commitment to sustainability and to addressing climate change by implementing energy efficient projects and adopting best practices that lower greenhouse gas emissions.

California’s Beacon Program gives local governments an opportunity to share best practices that promote healthier, more vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities. The program showcases voluntary efforts made by local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency projects and implementation of policies and programs that promote sustainability.